The express steamer "KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE" (1897–1914)

On its maiden voyage on May 4, 1897 the "KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE" was the largest ship in the world. Six months later it won the "Blue Riband" for the fastest transatlantic crossing. The four-stacker steamer was a cross between a luxury liner for rich tourists and a means of transport for emigrants. In winter 1913/14 it was turned into a ship solely for emigration.

The First and Second Class cabins on "KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE" were nearly all on the upper deck. Steerage class passengers slept in dormitories with bunk berths. The two bunk beds were 1.80 meters long and about 50 centimeters wide. There was also a separate dining room for steerage class passengers.

Technical data  
Shipyard: AG Vulcan, Stettin 
Year of construction: 1897 
Use: Passenger and freight transport 
Shipping company: Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen 
Length: 197.7 meters 
Breadth: 20.13 meters 
Gross tonnage: 14 349 Gross register tonnes 
Passengers: 1st Class: 340, 2nd Class: 346, steerage class: 1074 
Present  Intercepted by a British cruiser, the "HIGHFLYER", 
whereabouts: on August 26, 1914 by Rio del Oro. Sunk by its own crew after shooting all its own munitions