„BREMEN“ (IV) 1930
Cutyway model „BREMEN“ (IV) (section)
„BREMEN“ and „EUROPA“ at the „Columbusbahnhof“ 1930

The turbine ship "BREMEN" (IV) (1929 - 1941)

The sister ships "BREMEN" and "EUROPA" were the most modern express steamers in the world at the beginning of the 1930s. They were operated by Norddeutscher Lloyd in Bremen. In 1929 the "BREMEN" won the "Blue Riband" for the fastest transatlantic crossing (4 days, 18 hours, 17 minutes). However, due to the ongoing economic effects of the Great Depression and declining passenger numbers,  the "BREMEN" was not a great economic success.

At the beginning of 1939, following the anti-Semitic "Crystal Night" progrom at the end of 1938, there was a rush of bookings for the "BREMEN" by Jewish passengers. In the second quarter of 1939 Jewish emigrants accounted for 40% of all passengers on the overseas steamers operated by Norddeutsche Lloyd.

Technical data



Deschimag, AG Weser, Bremen

Year of construction:



Passenger and freight transport

Shipping company:

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen


286,10 meters


31,06 meters

Gross tonnage:

51.656 Gross register tonnes


Ist Class: 624 and 183, 2nd Class: 501 and 23, Tourist Class: 306, 3rd Class: 605


Completely burned in an arson attack in Bremerhaven in 1941.