„BREMEN“ (V) at the „Columbusbahnhof“ 1963
Cutaway model „BREMEN“ (V) (section)
Maiden voyage of the „BREMEN“ (V) 1959

The turbine ship "BREMEN" (V) (1957 - 1971)

The "BREMEN" was commissioned in 1939 as the "PASTEUR".  In 1957 it was bought by Norrddeutscher Lloyd Bremen and after some alterations made its first voyage across the Atlantic under the name "BREMEN" in 1959. The "BREMEN" was also used as a cruise liner.Most emigrants traveling with the "BREMEN" were bound for the USA, Canada and Australia. In the 1960s South Africa also became a popular destination for emigrants. In 1971 the "BREMEN" was sold to a Greek company.

Technical data



Penhoët, Chantiers et Ateliers de St. Nazaire SA, France

Year of construction:



Passenger and freight transport

Shipping company:

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen


212,40 meters


27,54 meters

Gross tonnage:

32.336 Gross register tonnes


Ist Class: 216, Tourist Class: 906


1971 sold to a Greek company and renamed "REGINA MAGNA". 1977 Hotel ship in Djeddah. In 1980 sunk in the Indian Ocean while under tow for scrapping.