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The German Emigrants Database is primarily based on the passenger manifests of the ships on which the emigrants traveled. These lists had to be submitted to the American Immigration Authorities and contain information on the prospective emigrants and their journey. Additional information on individual emigrants has been found in other sources and is also included in the database.

This additional information has been supplied to the German Emigrants Database by descendants of German emigrants and we have been assured that it is accurate. This information is very wide-ranging, including, for example, details of birthplace or domicile, date of birth or details of marital status. Sometimes the routes taken by a particularly emigrant are described or even photographs supplied and integrated into the database.

The stock of additional information is growing continually. But we are dependent on your help. If you know of any genuinely accurate information about emigrants, please let us know!

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Beim Auswandereragenten, 1883

At an emigration agency 1883