The aims

The German Emigrants Database is pursuing these goals together with other international institutions. Our most important partner in the USA is the Center for Immigration Research in Castle Garden, New York. Several national databases are also currently being developed in Europe, also based on the passenger manifests of emigrant ships.  British emigration is being recorded in Ireland, Scandinavian in Norway and Southern European in Austria and Italy.

With the help of the German Emigrants Database it will be possible to:

  • make social statistical evaluations of international migratory movements
  • pose and answer historical questions about migration on a statistical basis
  • do genealogical research into individual travelers or groups
  • highlight migratory movements and social relationship patterns on a European level
  • make an important contribution to the history of immigration and settlement in the USA.

The aim of the project is to create an international network between the different national databases in order to be able to highlight, compare and explain global migratory movements.

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Zwischendeck eines Auswandererschiffs, 1907

In the steerage class 1907

Auswanderer 1880

Emigrants 1880