Until the middle of the 20th century, ships were the classic means of transport for emigrants.

In the following some emigration ships are presented, which exemplify the development of the transatlantic passenger shipping. The ships drove mainly on the Bremerhaven – New York / USA route.

The “ELBE” was built in 1881 by John Elder & Co. in Glasgow. The launch took place on April 4, 1881. The “ELBE” was the first express steamer … more ›

When it was launched on May 4, 1897, the “KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE” was the …  more ›

On April 22nd, 1924, the “COLUMBUS” was the new flagship of North German Lloyd in …  more ›

The sister ships “BREMEN” and “EUROPA” were the most modern high-speed steamers worldwide in the early 1930s. They drove…
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The full ship “BREMEN” was built as a whale catcher at the Rickmers shipyard in Bremerhaven and sent to the …   more ›

The wooden barque “COLUMBIA” was built in Geestemünde (now a part of Bremerhaven) in 1862 on the …  more ›

The “BREMEN” entered service in 1939 as the “PASTEUR” … more ›

Map with shipping routes of the North German Lloyd.
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