Full ship “BREMEN” (1843–1850)

The full ship “BREMEN” was built as a whale catcher at the Rickmers shipyard in Bremerhaven and delivered in 1843 to the Südseefischerei-Compagnie in Bremen. However, the whaler made no profits and was used as a passenger and cargo ship from Bremerhaven to New York from 1847 and thus also served the transport of emigrants.

For the transport of emigrants, a 1.70 meter high intermediate deck was built into the hold. Up to five emigrants were accommodated in two wooden bunks on top of each other. The trip lasted around six weeks, but depending on the weather, it could easily double.

Technical specifications


R. C. Rickmers Shipyard, Bremerhaven

Construction year:



South Sea whaling, later freight and passenger transport

Rigging / type:

Full ship

Building material:

Wood, copper underwater hull


62,51 Meter


9,26 Meter

Load capacity:

350 rye load, 850 tons


Sold to Antwerp around 1850.

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Schnittmodell mit Zwischendeck

Cutaway model with tween deck

C. J. H. Fedeler: „BREMEN“ (Ausschnitt), um 1844

C. J. H. Fedeler: “BREMEN” (excerpt), around 1844