Views 1896–1926

Arrival of emigrants in New York, wood engraving, 1896
Kammerschleuse im Neuen Kaiserhafen, Wood engraving, 1897
Emigrants embarking in Bremerhaven, photograph, around 1898
The waiting hall of the North Germann Lloyd in Bremerhaven, postcard, 1900
In the steerage of an emigrant ship, postcard, around 1907
The waiting hall in Bremerhaven at the "Kaiser-lock", postcard, 1910
Emigrants on deck, photograph, around 1910
Arrival of an Express Steamer at the waiting hall in Bremerhaven, postcard, 1912
US Immigration Station Ellis Island, Administrative Building, postcard, 1925
US Immigration Ellis Island, Board of Special Inquiry, postcard, 1925